My full family tree on

For a long time I kept my research fairly private, as I resented the fact that I was doing all of the work, and others were taking from me without giving anything in return, and publishing my work as their own. I was fed up with being contacted by people who were offering me my own research! However, as time has gone on I have mellowed and realised that the whole point of this endeavour is to link the various branches of the family. As a result, I moved all of my research from my offline Family History Maker software, online to where it can be found as a publicly viewable tree. 

No information is publicly available on those people who are living, or likely to be living, but the research, along with associated documents and photographs is all available there. If you already have an Ancestry account - and I highly recommend it - my tree is imaginatively named "Kingshott Main Tree." If you don't, click on the image below and it should take you to my tree.


If this link doesn't work, just search for Ancestry on Google. It doesn't matter if you open or or any other regional variation, my tree should be visible. If it isn't, drop me a line, and I will send you an invitation to view the tree directly. All I need is your email address.