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Useful Links

In this section I will list some of the interesting and useful websites that I use during the course of my research into the worldwide Kingshott family. The Icon contains the actual link to the website, and I give a quick overview in the text next to the icon.


Ancestry is the site that I use to host my family tree, and where I conduct a significant amount of my research. It is an excellent site to build and fill-in your tree, and has millions of original records too. There are Regional variations - in the USA, here, but all share the same data.


FindMyPast is another excellent website that contains a wealth of original records. As with Ancestry, you can also upload or build your family tree on this site. This site is one of my "go-to" sites for locating documentary evidence.

FamilySeach is a website run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). I look at this site in two parts. The most useful part contains original records that are increasingly linked to the original documents. Much less useful is the "family tree" side of it, which is often completely wrong. Only use for the original records. Bear in mind how crazy the Mormon beliefs are, so I wouldn't trust this site by uploading information.


The British Newspaper Archive is an excellent resource to find information on people. It is a subscription site, but I find it invaluable. The index allows you to search for key words in hundreds of newspapers from around the mid-1700's to the late 1990's in some cases.


This is a great website that does exactly what it says on the tin. It is very useful for finding people who emigrated, or who moved between towns. There are often images of the graves attached too, and the facility to search for related people in that graveyard.


This is a fantastic site for researching information on Australian relatives. There is a section that contains millions of pages of old images of newspapers, and another where you can download the military records of people serving as late as World War 2. A great resource, particularly as Australian records are hard to come by.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has a great website where you can search for the details of people in the Commonwealth who have died during the two World Wars. It allows you to download a commemorative certificate and provides you with some biographical confirmation of parents and wives, where available.

Billion Graves.png

BillionGraves does exactly what it says. It is a repository for information on graves from around the world. It is well worth looking here as it often identifies where a person has gone in the world, when they seem to disappear from the local records.

FreeReg ICon.jpg

FreeReg is a free resource that lists verified transcriptions of various parish registers, searchable by name and location. It is UK oriented but is a great resource for tracking down those pesky traveling relatives.


Cyndi's List has been around for a long time, and is essentially a repository for links to hundreds of genealogical websites around the world. As it has been going for so long, you can get lost in there, so be warned. A great resource, particularly for American material.


Curious Fox is a different take on genealogy, and works on the basis of location. It is cheap to subscribe to, and allows you to put surname interests attached to locations. Others, researching that village, can then contact you through the site. I don't use this as much as I used to, but have just renewed my subscription - for £6 per year! There is a US version too. 

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