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Kingshott School

Kingshott School is a private school situated in Hichin, Hertfordshire, England. It accepts students between the ages of 4 and 13. It stands in 23 acres of grounds and is surrounded by countryside. There are around 340 children attending at any one time.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot afford the £3450 per term fees to send my children there. I often wonder what sort of people can! It would certainly have been interesting to have a Kingshott at Kingshott! Unfortunately I am a mere mortal and my kids go to the local comprehensive school.


I know that the school itself was founded in 1931 but have no idea why it was named Kingshott. There does not appear to be anyone called Kingshott involved in the early days.  


The school seem to think that it was something to do with King Henry VIII owning hunting grounds nearby. This explanation was also given when I first started looking into the family name, and I've never found any evidence of such a link. 

The school has a very interesting website here. I note that one of the school governers is a Mrs Joanna Bottomly and that she holds the post-nominal ARSM (the Associateship of The Royal School of Mines), as do I.  Another link for me with the school! 


This is an advertisement that I found for the school from 1946. The fees have certainly increased since then!

I continue to look into this, but it seems that there is no definitive history of the school available. If you know different, please let me know.  

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