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The UK Kingshotts

The patriarch of the entire worldwide Kingshott family springs up in the late 16th century in Fernhurst, Sussex. As I have said, I do not know where  John Kingett actually came from but he first appears in the Fernhurst parish registers on 16th June 1600 when he gets married. 


I have traced all Kingshotts, worldwide, back to this one family but there are still some branches that I cannot yet link in. These branches, however, all come back to within a couple of square miles of John Kingett, so I am certain that we will all be from one family.


The Kingshott family can now be found throughout the United Kingdom, with branches in Scotland, England and Wales. There also seems to be a small branch (of Kingshotte) in Northern Ireland, though I have not had any contact with them yet.


If you would like to see a page dedicated to "your" own branch of the  Kingshott family, just drop me a line and let me know a bit about them. If you supply the more modern material, I will supply the historical stuff. I will not publish anything on anyone living, or likely to be living.

The current UK distribution of the Kingshott surname

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