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Kingshott of Great Marlow

When I first started looking into the Kingshott family I was fairly happy that we were all part of one family, as almost everyone was from a very small area on the tri-county borders of Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey. It was unlikely that such a small area of the country would have a number of unlinked families with the same name, especially if there were no other Kingshott concentrations anywhere else in the country. The only problem with this little hypothesis was a place called Great Marlow in Buckinghamshire. They seemed to have their own fairly healthy group of Kingshotts that seemed nothing to do with the main branch. Who were these people?


Great Marlow is situated to the north west of London, close to High Wycombe. It is therefore a significant distance from the area where the Kingshott family originate, and for the most part, still reside.

The earliest family members to be found in Great Marlow appeared there in the very earliest years of the 19th century. They were two brothers, William Kingshott, baptised 16th February 1800 and his brother Frederick, baptised on 27th March 1803. Both of these boys were the sons of John & Elizabeth Kingshott who were married in Petworth, Sussex on 22nd March 1797. So finally, there is the link to the geographical heart of the family!  

John Kingshott was born in Cocking, Sussex and baptised there on 15th June 1771. He met and married Elizabeth Weaklen, who was a native of Great Marlow, and decided to move back there with her. I have only found the two children I've already mentioned in the baptism registers. The descendants come mainly from Frederick Kingshott, who only lived till the age of 37, but who managed to produce ten children in his short life.


The Great Marlow Kingshott family can be viewed here. You will notice that I have still to gain access to the parish marriage and later burial registers, so many of the persons show on this document have no death details. I'm working on this but it is an expensive business! 


********************* WORK IN PROGRESS - MORE TO COME ************************

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