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"Black Sheep" - Kingshotts that have appeared in court

One of the more interesting aspects of family history research is discovering that some of your ancestors were perhaps not the upstanding citizens that you would have expected them to be. Whilst this would be a source of embarassment in the present day, far enough back in time it is a matter of intense interest.


Whilst the section is entitled "Black Sheep" this does not mean that these particular people are actually bad people. It is important to remember that times have changed and social circumstances existed in previous centuries that sometimes necessitated frequent excursions to the wrong side of the law simply in order to survive. Of course, there are other occasions when this excuse could not be used!


The following pages give examples of those occasions where Kingshott's have found themselves on the wrong side of the Magistrate's bench.  

This is as good a place as any to bring up the subject of my own brush with the law. As a serving police officer, I am not allowed to discuss it further at this stage, but if you Google my name you will read all about it, albeit an extremely biased, completely wrong, one-sided view. All I would say is don't believe everything that you read out there.

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