There are a number of family members whose surnames are spelt Kinchett. This is a fairly obvious derivative of Kingshott and would have arisen due to the phonetic spelling of the surname by clergymen dealing with baptisms, marriages and burials. Some of the branches of the family that ended up using this spelling will be discussed on this page. 


The Kinchett branches only have one representative who died in either World War. This was Albert Edward Kinchett of Brighton. You can read about him here. ​

I've been working on these branches for a while in collaboration with my distant cousin Colin Kinchett. 

The Descendants of William Kenchief


A large number of Kinchetts descend from a chap who was baptised as William Kenchief in 1785, in Washington, Sussex, England. His father was Nicholas Kenchief who was from Greatham, Hampshire, England. Nicholas was the son of Thomas Kingeet/Thomas Kinshot who is discussed on this page and the brother of Francis Kingshott. Francis was the father of John Kingshott who was transported to Tasmania in 1831 and started the Australian Kingshott family off. Are you with me so far? Again, you can see how the surnames changed before becoming fixed around the 19th century. 


I am still working on the Kinchett family members and I still have a lot of work to do, but you can look at a 4-generation descendant chart of Nicholas Kenchief here. This branch is where our war hero Albert Edward Kinchett fits into the family. 



Four Generation Descendant Chart of Nicholas Kenchief

The Descendants of Richard Kinchett


One of my brick walls, and the head of what I term a "floating tree" is the family of Richard Kinchett of Rustington, Sussex, England. He is the earliest member of a branch of the Kinchett family that seem to appear in Rustington at the end of the 18th century. I have not, yet, made the link between this family and the wider Kingshott family, hence they are a "floating tree."


Now Rustington is just a couple of miles down the road from Washington, where William Kenchief came from, so I suspect that there is a link there somewhere. I just haven't found it yet. Again, I am still actively researching this branch. 


Click on the pdf image below to get a four-generation descendant chart of this branch. 

Four Generation Descendant Chart of Richard Kinchett

The Descendants of Robert Kinchett of Chalton


Another large number of Kinchett family members is centred around the Hampshire village of Chalton. This is quite a large branch of the family that adopted that spelling of the surname. 


Robert Kinchett arrived in Chalton from Liss, Hampshire, England. This is a village less than a mile away from where my own branch of the Kingshott family came from. 

Click on the pdf image below to get a four-generation descendant chart of this branch of the family. 


Four Generation Descendant Chart of Robert Kinchett

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