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  • I've written to you but you haven't responded. Are you dead?
    No, hopefully I am not dead. I am just snowed under! I work full time shift work, as a frontline emergency response worker, which means that there are occasions where I am constantly either sleeping or working. Family life also exists around this, and consequently emails back up. Please feel free to contact me and prompt me if you don't hear from me. I won't get offended or annoyed.
  • I have a Kingshott in my family. Will you be able to link them in to the wider Kingshott family?
    The Kingshott family is very widespread, and my research is certainly not infallible. However, I am almost certain to be able to link your particular Kingshotts to the main family. Rarely, there may be occasions when I cannot do so. I have several different branches of the family, who I KNOW are linked, but I just cannot prove it. I cannot simply guess at where they fit in, and if I have not proven a link I will not show it. There is at least a 98% chance that I will be able to link your Kingshott in without any problem at all.
  • Are you researching any other families, associated with the Kingshotts?"
    YES! I research all Kingshotts of whatever surname derivation. I go back as far as I can, then research their siblings. I then research ALL DESCENDANTS ofANY Kingshott, of whatever surname! You can see, therefore, that my research is very wide-ranging. This is why I am interested in hearing from you even if you only have one Kingshott in your tree. My current project is an attempt to link in all of the current living Kingshott family members, with the ancestral families. I know more about the family 200 years ago, than I do now, and it would be nice to link everyone in. In addition to family lines associated with the Kingshott family, I do the same thing with my maternal lines. I go back as far as I can on direct lines, then look at siblings of everyone, and descendants. This means that there is always a huge number of families to research, and why my tree is so big.
  • What Family History software do you use?
    I used to use Family Tree Maker as my main repository but it has become clunky, unresponsive and keeps crashing. I therefore use the online site at Ancestry as my main archive. This is expensive, but allows me to link lots of information and sources to my research, and also allows for me to contact, and be contacted by, others who may have a link. I now use RootsMagic 9 offline software, which is the only other piece of software, along with Family Tree Maker, that can sync with Ancestry. Though it took a while to get used to, I have grown to find it an excellent genealogy program and would highly recommend it.
  • Why isn't the information you provide on this site particularly detailed?
    It is certainly true that I could include a lot of information on sources and documents that I have viewed, to enable me to compile the information that I have placed on this site. You need to remember that this site is NOT my full research but a summary of it presented, I hope, in a way that others would find interesting, or at the very least readable. If I included all of my notes on every individual the flow of any report or written piece would be lost. It is very doubtful that you would be able to decipher what I was writing in those notes anyway. If you want more information on a particular person, or persons, please just contact me and I will forward it to you on a one-to-one basis.
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