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Ontario Kinggett Family

I have recently been contacted by members of the Kinggett family of Highland Creek, Ontario, Canada, who trace their ancestry back into the village of Bramshott, Hampshire, England. It is interesting to note that they were originally Kingett's, who became Kingshott's briefly, before becoming Kinggett's! 


My GGGG grandparents were James Kingshott and his wife Ann, nee Jackson. James was born in 1780 in Bramshott. He had a total of 8 children, one of whom, Henry, was my GGG grandfather, and another, Richard, was the start of the Ontario Kinggett family.


Richard was baptised in Bramshott on 22nd March 1812, under the surname of Kingshot. He was the seventh of the eight children and grew up in and around Bramshott. I have been unable to locate him in the 1841 census, but he appears in all subsequent censuses, eventually settling in Newnham, Hampshire.


At some time Richard decided to call himself by the ancestral derivative surname of Kinggett, choosing to spell it with two g's and two t's. I do not know why he did this, as all of his siblings retained the Kingshott name.


Richard married Hannah Crocker in the Basingstoke registration district in 1845, and they had one son, James Kinggett, who was born at Nately Scures, near Hook, in Hampshire. Unfortunately, Hannah died fairly early on in the marriage, leaving Richard and James.

Richard became a railway plate-layer and was therefore often away from home while James became a blacksmith. Both remained in the Newnham area of Hampshire for their entire lives. 


James Kinggett

James Kinggett married a lady from Selbourne, Hampshire, called Ann Eliza Carter. They had seven children between 1870 and 1889, almost all of whom were born in Guildford, Surrey. The family are shown below, as they were recorded in the 1891 census (click on image for a larger picture, and please bear with it while it downloads!).

1891 Census Image reproduced by kind permission of The National Archives and Operations Inc

Some of the children from this family moved to Canada, settling in York County, Ontario. They remain to this day, largely located in the Highland Creek area of Scarborough. One son, the mysterious William Carter Kinggett, moved to California and is discussed on this page.


James's wife, Ann, died on the 18th January 1920. A little while later, on 28th February 1922, James married his namesake, a longtime spinster called Edith Frances Kinggett. She was actually his 6th cousin twice removed, though I doubt that they were ever able to ascertain whether or not they were actually related. Their nearest shared ancestors were our family patriarch John Kinget and his wife Jone Ford, who were born in the late 1500's.

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