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Three Kingshott Sisters Emigrate to New Zealand

As I have mentioned, there are a number of modern-day Kingshotts out in New Zealand, but I have not yet located any historical branches bearing the surname. There were, however, three members of the Kingshott family who emigrated to New Zealand in the 19th century and while the Kingshott surname was lost, their descendants live on. The story starts with their father, Israel.


Israel Kingshott of Chiddingfold, Surrey, England

The magnificently named Israel Kingshott was born in Chiddingfold, Surrey on 6th May 1812. He married Frances Page on 18th May 1834, again in Chiddingfold. He was a Master Cabinet Maker and one of the more skilled members of the family in an age where most of the other Kingshotts were agricultural labourers. There is a page on him and his family here.


Israel & Frances Kingshott had 10 children, that I could find, including Fanny, Ellen and Caroline Grace. These three sisters all emigrated to New Zealand, and details of what I know of their families are described here.

A view of Canterbury, New Zealand

Fanny Kingshott

Fanny was born in Guildford, Surrey on 9th August 1840. She married William James, a native of Maidstone, Kent, in the London district of Shoreditch on 22nd July 1860.


William & Fanny also went on to have 9 children, the first four in the UK. They then emigrated to New Zealand sometime around 1869, settling in Canterbury. 


The family can be seen here.


Ellen Kingshott

Ellen was born in Guildford, Surrey, and was baptised on 9th February 1845. She married Robert James Parr at the Old Church in St Pancras, London on 10th February 1866. 


Robert & Ellen had six children, as far as I know. I don't know at what point Ellen went out to New Zealand, as I have not had a lot of success in tracing her family, but the search is ongoing.


Ellen died in New Zealand on 10th March 1913, with her husband dying almost exactly a year later on 6th March 1914.


What I do know about this family can be seen here.



Caroline Grace Kingshott

Caroline was the youngest of the three sisters and was baptised in Guildford, Surrey, on 4th November 1853. She was also known, strangely, as Caroline Maud Kingshott.


She married Arthur John Pyne on 17th December 1874 at St Luke's Chuch, Lyttleton, Canterbury, New Zealand.  


I am not aware of any children, but there probably were. All I know is written here.

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