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Horace Henry Kingshott

My thanks go out to Horace's daughter Sandra, for much of the information on this page. Horace was my 9th cousin once removed.


Horace was born at Croydon, Surrey, England on 25th September 1905. He was the youngest of seven children born to James and Jessie Clarinda Kingshott. Sadly he lost two brothers in the First World War, George Daniel James Kingshott and William Ernest Kingshott, but was luckily too young to have fought himself.


He had a short-lived first marriage and later married Florence Crowe at Wandsworth Registry Office, London, on 18th September 1948. They had one natural child who was born and, sadly died, in 1949, later adopting a young girl, who was renamed Sandra, that they had fostered in 1955. 


Horace started his police career in the Metropolitan Police. Another brother, James Kingshott, was also a Metropolitan Police  officer. He worked for some years as a bobby on the beat, until his doctor recommended he go to work in the Tropics, as the English climate was not suitable for a chronic kidney complaint he had developed. He, therefore, moved to Northern Rhodesia in 1930  where he joined the Northern Rhodesia Police. He remained in that Police Force until his retirement in 1952, holding the rank of Chief Detective Inspector.


I don't know very much about Horace's career but at some point he moved to what was then Rhodesia where he joined the Northern Rhodesian Police, rising to become a Detective Chief Inspector there. It was at this rank that he retired in 1952. 

Horace died in Malvern, Queensburgh, South Africa on 17th March 1997. He was predeceased by his wife who died at Malvern, Queensburgh, on 6th July 1990.

If you have any knowledge of Horace, or his descendants, I would very much like to hear from you.

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