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Ronald Henry Kingshott

Ronald Henry Kingshott was one of two children (that I have found) of William George Kingshott and his wife Dorothy. William originated in Liss, in Hampshire, which is the village directly adjacent to Bramshott so you can see how closely these different branches lived.


William & Dorothy emigrated to Canada in 1928 aboard the SS Aurania, a Cunard White Star ship of modest appearance.

The family eventually settled in Vancouver, British Columbia and, from there, it was a short trip for Ronald to move to the state of Washington, USA. He died in Seattle in 1993.


Ronald was born on 6th December 1923 in Croydon, Surrey, England. He emigrated with the rest of his family in 1928. They arrived in Quebec, Montreal, Canada on 28th April 1928 and eventually crossed the country to settle in the west.


Ronald subsequently returned to England during service with the Canadian armed forces in World War Two. Here, he met a Norfolk lady called Adella Ford and they married on 11th September 1943 in her home town of Diss. They were to have five children, Diane, David, Kenneth, Linda and Janice.


I am in contact with some of the descendants of this branch of the family, and am in the process of filling in the details of descendants. If you can assist with this, please let me know. Unfortunately, I cannot publish the descendant details because they are all still alive. What I can do, however, is post the details of Ronald's ancestors. You can find them here.


Ronald's sister, Joan Kingshott, married a chap called Leif Martinius Lunderby and moved to Minnesota, USA. Though they no longer have the Kingshott name, descendants still live there today.

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