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The easiest method of contact is by e-mail and you can use the form at the bottom of this page for that.  


I am particularly keen to hear from the current generation of Kingshott family members out there as my aim is to link all living Kingshott family members into the historical tree.


Please note that I get a lot of e-mails relating to family history on a daily basis and they very quickly build up. I try to deal with these as quickly as possible but sometimes family and work conspire against me to prevent me from replying as quickly as I would like. I apologise in advance for this and ask that you don't take it as a lack of interest on my part. I am always fascinated to hear from anyone who links in with the family in any way whatsoever, however distantly. I promise to answer you as quickly as possible, but if I seem to be taking too long to reply just send me another message telling me to get a move on! I won't be offended.  

I am very happy to provide information based on my research, but it is almost always entirely one way, which can be quite disheartening. I would very much appreciate it if you would let me have the details of your particular branch. Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential, I promise. It just helps me to fit everyone into the correct place in the tree. 


If all else fails, you can contact me directly at 

Thank you for visiting this site!


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