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The New Jersey Kingshotts

There is a small band of Kingshotts in the state of New Jersey that have proved, up until very recently, to be very hard to place in the tree. This is due, primarily, to the constraints of researching families "within living memory". Necessary privacy laws limit my ability to research from afar, so unless I manage to make contact with a member of the particular family that I am interested in, I often grind to a halt.


Luckily, I have very recently (April 2012) managed to contact a member of the New Jersey Kingshotts and this has allowed me to conduct further research and eventually link them into the main Kingshott tree.


As always, I will constrain myself to those persons who are no longer with us, but the family are still going strong. I would still love to hear from anyone connected with this family, so if you fall into that category, please drop me a line.



John Horace Kingshott

The key to the whole New Jersey branch of the family lies with a chap that I had identified as John H Kingshott. I had always assumed that he was either American or Canadian, but had no likely candidates as to who he could be. Similarly, I had no likely candidates from the UK either. I completely neglected to look towards Australia, which is why it took me so long to find him.


John Horace Kingshott was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 29th November 1920. His parents were Horace Alfred & Daisy Kingshott who had married in the Sydney suburb of Annandale in 1916.


John worked for the Merchant Marine and can be found on a small number of documents detailing his travels during the Second World War. He seems to have settled in New Jersey at that time, and eventually became a naturalised citizen of the United States of America. This is his naturalisation card and shows his signature.

John was married twice, and it is from him that the current batch of New Jersey Kingshotts descend.


I am very keen to be able to add he current New Jersey Kingshotts into the tree. So, if you are part of the family of descendants of John Horace Kingshott, please drop me a line.

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