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Kingshott is an unusual surname. There aren’t a whole lot of us around, but we are all related to each other and we have spread around the world.


I started researching the Kingshott family in 1991 after meeting someone with the same surname as me when I was working in Australia. This was Dr Russel Kingshott (whom I have recently re-contacted and subsequently found to be my 8th cousin) from Perth, Australia. I was intrigued as I had never met another Kingshott who was outside of my immediate family. I, therefore, set out on a quest, which continues to this day, searching for the links between the different branches of the family and wondering if we were all related.

In time, as technology increased and information and contact became quicker and easier, I expanded my search to other branches of my family. Now it has become an obsession and I actively research all of my direct ancestors as far back as they go, no matter what their surname. I then look at all their siblings, before following their descendants down to the present day. This quickly grows to become a massive number of people, and it continues to expand on a daily basis. This site, however, is exclusively for the Kingshott side of the family and their descendants.

I have registered the Kingshott name with the Guild of One-Name Studies, as I have effectively been running a one-name study for many years. Click on the Guild logo to go to their website. You can also see more about the Kingshott One-Name Study here.

A one-name study is a project that researches and documents all occurrences of a particular surname and is not limited to particular family lines. Luckily, I have found that the one-name study of the Kingshott family, in this case, DOES relate to a particular family. Whether or not I can actually link each branch to my principal tree remains to be seen. That they are all one family, I have no doubt, but proving some of these links, even despite the fact that various members live in the same village, is sometimes difficult.


Some of the documents that are linked to this site, notably family documents, are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. You are almost certain to have this program on your computer already, but if not it can be downloaded and used, completely free of charge, by clicking on the red logo below.

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