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Kingshott Lake, Ontario, Canada

The only geographical feature that I have found, bearing the Kingshott name, is a Kingshott Lake in Ontario, Canada.


The lake was named after Gordon Gerald Kingshott who was killed in action during the Second World War. The Canadian government had the commendable policy of naming lakes after their war dead, and Gordon is thus commemorated. You can read more about Gordon here.


The lake itself is south of the town of Parry Sound and is shown here on a wide view from Google Earth. Click on the image and a larger version will open up.

This beautiful photograph shows the tranquil Kingshott Lake from ground level. This is really the sort of place that I should be living. Peace, quiet, fishing.....

I would like to thank Sheila Munch, who I understand to have taken this photograph, for kindly allowing me to use it on this site.


Now, when I win the lottery a lakeside property here is top of my priorities!

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