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The Kingshott Brothers Emigrate to Canada

Another large branch of Kingshotts arrived in Canada as a result of two brothers making the journey to what they hoped would be a better life. These were James & George Kingshott from Haslemere, Surrey, England.


James & George were the oldest sons of William Kingshott & Ann nee Parnell. William was from Lurgashall, Sussex. Their younger brother, William Kingshott, also had a pioneering spirit, and went out to Australia.




James Kingshott

James was born in the town of Haslemere, Surrey on 20th April 1810. He was baptised there on 3rd June 1810.


At some point, prior to 1847, James decided to up sticks and move out to Canada. No doubt he was hearing stories from other people in the area who had relatives that had travelled out there, and thought he wanted a piece of the action.


After arriving in Canada he met and married a lady called Elizabeth Cookman, who was 11 years his junior. I have not managed to locate the marriage at this time, but the first child that I have found documented was born in 1847. This was William Goodwin Kingshott, who has his own page here. 


By this time, James had settled in Walkerton, Ontario where he had a small farm, later moving to Watt Township.


James & Elizabeth had ten children between at least 1847 (when I found evidence of the first documented child) and 1871. A family group sheet for this family can be found here.


James died at Watt Township on Christmas Eve 1897. He was 87 years old. His wife, Elizabeth, also died on Christmas Eve, 13 years later. She was 89.




George Kingshott

George Kingshott has been slightly harder to research. He was born on 10th January 1810 at Haslemere, Surrey, England and baptised there on 12th April the same year.


He emigrated to Canada on an unknown date and settled in Waterloo, Ontario. On 2nd September 1833, at Waterloo, he married a Sussex girl named Sarah Puttick.


There were six children that I have found so far, but I suspect that there were more, as the first child I have found came along in 1840. It is almost certain that there were more children born between the marriage and then.


The family group sheet for this family can be found here.


George moved from Waterloo, to Brant Township, to Walkerton. I have yet to find his death records.



James & George were my 4th cousins four times removed.

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