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Mark Kingshott 

Mark Kingshott is part of the Michigan branch of the family and is a trained chef. 


I was visiting my dad in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA when I heard that the local TV station was doing a cooking segment with a bloke called Kingshott! Obviously, this caught my attention and I tuned in. I never see anyone else called Kingshott over here in the UK!  ​

Mark has been cooking and catering for nine years in the West Michigan area, mainly in the Corporate Food Service environment.  He finished his culinary arts degree from GRCC in 2006.  Chef Mark has learned several styles of cooking to wow executives in many of today's Fortune 500 companies. 


His specialities include savoury soups, awesome one-pot meals, smoked meats, and incredible vegetable dishes.  Chef Mark loves food.  It shows through his Cooking Parties, Meals, and Caterings. 


The All In One Chef can be seen locally on WZZM13's Better Bites and WOODTV's eightWest dishing up fun recipes. 


If you want a culinary experience like no other call him on 616-633-4218 or email at .  Serving the West Michigan and Grand Rapids area.  Let him make your day or event less stressful with a freshly made meal from the All in One Chef!.

Click on the All in One Chef logo to go to Mark's awesome website. 

I met up with Mark for a beer and a meal in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, on my birthday in 2018. He's my 10th cousin once removed, so distant enough to have retained the genes for a full head of hair! This is the two of us at HopCat bar in Grand Rapids! 

Here is Mark on one of his many TV appearances, showing off his skills. We Kingshotts are a talented bunch. 

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