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The Australian & New Zealand Kingshotts

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There are a number of Kingshott families in Australia. A large proportion of those are descendants of convicted felon John Kingshott of Greatham. Others emigrated there by choice, for a better life. I wish my ancestors had been one of those as I love Australia, but sadly, it was not to be! My grandfather went out there as one of the Dreadnought Boys, an agricultural emigration scheme for boys, but rather annoyingly came back!


Unfortunately, from a family history point of view, the surviving records in the Antipodes are fairly sparse when compared to UK records, which makes it particularly difficult to research relatives out there, particularly into the 20th century. 


Aside from Canada, the USA and Australia, there does not seem to be any great wave of migration anywhere else. I am especially surprised that there have not been more Kingshotts moving out to New Zealand. I would go in a flash if the opportunity arose! There are modern-day members of the family out there, and I have made contact with one of them (March 2010), which is great. She is my 8th cousin. 


If you are from New Zealand and would like to see a page dedicated to "your" branch of the Kingshott's, just drop me a line and let me know about them. Even if you don't want a page dedicated, I would still love to hear from you.


Finally, as this newspaper article from the Daily Mercury (Mackay, QLD) Friday 8th October 1943, Page 5 shows, there were new dangers for the Kingshotts "Down Under."



This was Alfred James Kingshott, who was born in Didling, Sussex, England on 27th May 1879, emigrating to Australia prior to the First World War. He was the brother of Arthur Kingshott, who settled in Canada. He served in the Australian Expeditionary force in that war, earning the 1914-15 Star, the British War and Victory medals. He settled in Queensland. He died there, from the bite of an unknown species of snake - and Queensland boasts a significant number of deadly snakes - on 30th September 1943. Alfred was my 5th cousin three times removed. 


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