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Kinshott of East Meon

I have already mentioned that the derivative surname of Kinshott appears principally in Hampshire. Perhaps the largest concentration of people with this particular surname occurs in the small village of East Meon, Hampshire, England.


The patriarch of this particular branch of the family would seem to be James Kinchett (another derivation of the surname) who was born on 1st June 1785 in Steep, Hampshire to John & Jane Kingshott.


James had two children, that I have identified so far, who were James Kinshott, born 2nd July 1812 in Buriton, Hampshire and his brother William, who was baptised at the same place on 21st November the following year. Both James and William survived into adulthood, married and produced a large number of children. They both lived in East Meon, and both spelt their names Kinshott. 




James Kinshott

James Kinshott married Charlotte Beams on 19th October 1833 at East Meon. They had one child, Jane, who was born in 1834 and died at the age of 2 months. Charlotte, her mother, died giving birth to her and was buried at East Meon on the 19th February 1834.  


There is some confusion regarding James and his subsequent marriage or marriages. It is clear that he married Mary Ann Skeates, again at East Meon, on 21st October 1837, but there are also two other marriages between a James Kinshott and two other different Mary's, all in East Meon. I am still looking into these to see if it was one James and four wives, or more than one James. From what I have found so far the indications are that this is one James Kinshott, and four wives as there are simply not enough James Kinshott's to go around!. However, this has not been proven at this time.


In any case, James & Mary Ann Skeates went on to have no less than 9 children, 6 of whom were male. All of this family were called Kinshott and their descendants retained this spelling.


This family can be seen here. One of the children was George Kinshott, who was a police officer with the Hampshire Constabulary. He has a page here.

William Kinshott

William married Charlotte Bridger on 15th February 1836 at Buriton in Hampshire. They had 5 children, all but one of whom were female. The continuance of the Kinshott line was therefore solely down to their son William, born at East Meon in 1848.


Unfortunately I have not been able to track William down yet, so have no knowledge on whether this line of Kinshotts continued or not. I am still working on this.


This family can be seen here.

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