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Richard Kingett

Richard Kingett was the son of George Kingshott of Bramshott. His father suddenly changed his surname from Kingshott, back to the ancestral variation Kingett, for reasons unknown during the middle part of 1871. The story is discussed here.


Richard was born in Fernhurst, Sussex on 18th March 1879. He was eventually employed as a woodman on the Peper Harow estate during the early 20th century. His uncle, and my great great grandfather John Kingshott, was the head woodman there and would have been his boss.


At some point Richard developed a liking for his first cousin, John Kingshott's daughter, Sarah Edith. This progressed and the pair were eventually married at Shackleford Church on 4th April 1908. Richard's uncle then became his father-in-law as well as his boss!


Richard continued as a woodman and is recorded as such in the 1911 census.


Two years later, in 1913, Richard upped sticks and took his wife, their son Richard Sidney and their daughter Dorothy Kate to Canada. They travelled out from Liverpool on the Allan Line steamer Ionian, arriving in St John, New Brunswick. Once out in Canada, Richard & Sarah had another child, Alfred Henry.

This photograph shows the three Kingett children. From left to right we have Richard Sidney Kingett (b.1909), Alfred Henry Kingett (b.1916) and Dorothy Kate Kingett (b.1911).


The family eventually settled in Milltown, New Brunswick and remained there until Richard's death in 1934. His wife lived in the same area until her death at the age of 90, in 1972.


Richard's family group sheet is recorded here.


Richard's granddaughter, Alma Jackson, can be contacted here. She is my second cousin once removed and kindly provided the photograph shown on this page.

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