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Mark Kingshott

The following information relates to my 7th cousin once removed, Mark Kingshott who, amongst other things, is a published author. Mark is the son of Alan Kingshott, who also appears in this section. 

Mark was born in the United Kingdom and spent the early years of his life living in places such as West Germany, Oman and various parts of the UK, where the military sent his father to work.


He studied History at the University of Leicester and spent a year studying in Italy. After graduating he went on to obtain a Masters degree in Mediaeval Culture. He then took the next logical step and went on to become a website developer, albeit whilst living in the Tower of London!


It was during his time in the Tower (as a resident, not a prisoner) that he completed his first book. "The Magic of Prophecy" which is available from Amazon and other good book stores. 

Mark is married to Dawn and has two children, Ashlynne and Ethan. After a brief spell living in South Africa with his family, they returned to the UK and now live in Reading, Berkshire. It was here that Mark decided to try his hand at publishing his book.


Initially he thought to just publish a Kindle version of the book, but in the process found that he was also able to create a printed version. After finding a suitable cover illustration, he published the book and it is now on sale through Amazon, Waterstone's and various other online retailers. Hard copies are also available from a couple of Waterstones shops in Reading.


One of the two 5 star reviews available at Amazon reads:-


"This is a fantastic story and superbly written. I would definitely recommend it and enjoyed reading it so much I will be telling everyone about this book. It is so good in fact I am waiting with bated breath for the sequel. "


The book is the first part of a planned five book series and Mark is currently working on the second in the series, entitled "The Power of Prophecy".


Mark has a website here and can be contacted directly by clicking here 

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