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Kingshott Family History


Welcome to my Kingshott Genealogy website.

You're likely here because you have a Kingshott in your family tree. If that's the case, then we share a familial connection.

Please note that the content on this site represents just a fraction of my extensive research, especially concerning other surnames linked to the Kingshotts.

Please contact me if you do not find what you're seeking here or require more detailed information. I have data on nearly 200,000 individuals, not solely Kingshotts but descendants of Kingshotts and my maternal ancestors. This database continuously expands as I explore new family lines and find new information.

I aim to update this site regularly with interesting and engaging content. If you encounter any errors, broken links, or something seems off, do let me know.

This website is an update from my original site, Due to high renewal costs and technical limitations on the old platform, I've migrated everything here. Currently, the site structure limits me to only main pages, which might make navigation a bit more challenging, but you can access all pages using the "More" button in the menu.

Previously, I had a comments section, but I've removed it due to repetitive, abusive messages, as this became very tedious. 

So, if there's a Kingshott in your lineage, regardless of spelling, I'm eager to connect, as we will be related to each other.


If you're interested in having a page dedicated to your branch of the Kingshott family tree, just let me know and we can add one. 

All the best!


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Thank you!

This website costs me upwards of a couple of hundred pounds to maintain and if you feel that you have taken something away from my work, I would be grateful if you could please consider a donation towards these costs. You don't have to, and I'm not expecting anything really, but if you could that would make my day. Thank you. If you don't want to, no worries, continue to explore the site.

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