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Kingshott Family History

Welcome to my Kingshott Genealogy website.


If you have found yourself here there is a likelihood that you have a Kingshott in your family. If you do, that means that they, and you, are also in my family.


When viewing this site, please bear in mind that this only represents a very, very small amount of the work that I have done. This is particularly the case with other family names that somehow relate to the Kingshott family. 


It is always worth contacting me if you don't see what you are looking for here, or want further information, as it is almost certain that I will have something offline that will be of interest. I currently have approaching 200,000 people on the tree - not all related to Kingshotts, as this also includes my maternal lines - and this number grows daily as I research more lines. 


I will try to update this site as often as I can with various bits and pieces of information, and I will try to make it interesting and entertaining. If you see any mistakes or links that don't work, or it looks like it has been thrown together by a drunk chimpanzee, please let me know.


This site is a re-working of my original website - - and I have moved everything from there to here. The original site became far too expensive to renew, and I could no longer update it. That is why I have moved here. The only problem here is that, at the moment, the site doesn't let me add sub-pages, so every page has to be a main page, which makes navigation slightly more difficult than before. It's not too bad though, and you can reach all of the pages by clicking on the "More" button in the main page menu.

I did have a comments page, but this has been removed due to abusive messages, that became very tiresome. 

On we go then!


If you have a Kingshott of whatever spelling anywhere in your family then I want to hear from you! If you would like a page added about your branch of the family, let me know and I will add one.


All the best!


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Thank you!

This website costs me upwards of a couple of hundred pounds to maintain and if you feel that you have taken something away from my work, I would be grateful if you could please consider a donation towards these costs. You don't have to, and I'm not expecting anything really, but if you could that would make my day. Thank you. If you don't want to, no worries, continue to explore the site.

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